What do you get through the scheme?

As an eligible member of the scheme you will receive a refurbished computer system including the Computer, screen and various periferals.

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Application and Eligibility

Find out if you are eligible to apply for the scheme and the costs involved. Complete our online form to get a better indication of the criteria needed.

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Help and Support

We provide help and support for each and every applicant. We will assist in setting up the machine and making sure you can connect to the internet.

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Computer Benefits

Focussing on the Furness Peninsula, Computer Benefits aims to deliver fully refurbished computer systems to families or individuals claiming any means tested benefit.

The long term aims of the project are to improve access to Computers in homes where there may be financial barriers. The scheme hopes to help improve these individuals IT skills and give them better chances in the future.

Just a few years ago, a child having access to a home computer had an advantage over those who did not. Today those children without access to their own PC may actually be at a disadvantage.

Computer Benefits aims to improve the chances of people without the means to buy their own PC by providing an ‘as new’ computer system including Software, installation, warranty and support, all for a very low rental fee.